Recycling & Repurposing Solar Panels

We work on the solar recycling market for solar based companies throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. 

Some of the companies we have worked for include: Lightsource BP, Brighter Green Energy and Stern Energy.

These British based Solar O&M companies have a large portfolio of solar fields, so we are very experienced. We have recently finished a collection project for Lightsource BP for example in the Devon and Cornwall Regions.

Worldwide Solar Panel Recycling in Numbers

1 %
of silicon reused
1 %
of glass reused
1 %
of metal reused

Why recycle solar panels?

Recycling ensures that it is a sustainable method for those solar panels that are at the end of their PV lifespan.

The raw materials that are provided from the recycling process can be reprocessed and repurposed. For example, up to 90% of photovoltaic glass and up to 95% of semiconductor material can be recovered for use in further production.

The use of recycling means that solar panel production will be able to be maintained as the solar market grows. With the recycling process, the cost of the panels remains constant, meaning they are not priced out the market. As a result, this lowers the danger of some PV materials becoming unavailable.

There is a reduction of environmental hazards. This is because panels contain small amounts of materials that are toxic to the environment if not disposed of in the correct manner.

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